Customs Informer

All information about your customs operations in your mobile!


What is Customs Informer?

Your customs operations are always under control!
  • Online information on the status of customs clearance (declaration submitted, accepted by the customs authority, inspection, additional check, released, etc.)
  • Setting up notifications by e-mail about events with your declaration
  • A convenient site with the name of your company in domain name
  • Personal account for you and your clients / employees / guests that you manage!
  • Guest limited access to open information for your carriers and other interested parties
  • And much more!

Who needs

  • Whom need 1
    Customs broker

    Your client has access to your account and he no longer needs to call the manager and ask if his cargo has been cleared on customs.

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  • Whom need 2
    Foreign trade company

    You always know the customs clearance status of your declarations. Invite your customs representative to the Customs Informer!

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  • Whom need 3
    Bonded warehouse

    You always know the status of customs clearance of your brokers and you understand when to draw up a DO document and move goods from the ZTK to the temporary storage area, and can start shipping documents preparation when the goods are cleared

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  • Whom need 4

    You always have operational information about what is happening with your cargo and the truck on customs.

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How to connect?

  • 01
    Sign up to Customs Informer in 2 minutes!
  • 02
    Obtain a duplicate username and password from your service provider for electronic declaration
  • 03
    Now the status and other information about your declarations are always in your hands!


How will the information on my returns be used?

We work under a license agreement. And it says that we have no right to transfer your data to third parties or use it for our own purposes. The confidentiality of your data is very important to us. We have never had any cases of information leakage, and if this happened, we would simply lose our reputation, and no one would use our system.

Who has access to my data?

Only you and no one else have access to your data. None of our employees, with the exception of 2 people of our company, have access to the administrative panel and project servers. We do not use your data for personal purposes and do not disclose it to third parties. Our business is connected with the implementation of a convenient service and does not interfere with the activities of your company.

Is your data fully backed up?

We carefully secure all your data and take all necessary measures to keep them safe. Once a day, we automatically copy all your data and store it on a protected external environment, which allows us to restore the system even after a complete failure of the project servers.

What is the level of physical security of the servers?

The project servers are located in a specialized data center under round-the-clock monitoring. The data center is equipped with a modern fire extinguishing system, backup power supply, a security system against physical unauthorized access to servers, and has all the necessary capabilities to ensure the project is operational in 24 / 7 mode.

How is the data transmission channel encrypted?

All transmitted data between your browser and the project servers are protected by an SSL security certificate. 128-bit encryption mechanism prevents unauthorized access to transmitted packets between your computer and the Customs informer project.

How is authorization protected?

By logging into our project, you can be sure that your session will not be hacked and used to steal your data. User sessions are stored in special database tables, have a limited lifetime, the session identifier changes every few minutes, which makes session theft useless for cybercriminals.

Where is your server located?

To ensure the reliability of the system, we use a geographically distributed network of servers located in the Russian Federation. Data between them is constantly synchronized in real time, which eliminates data loss in the event of an emergency.

Are there any cases when Customs Informer does not work?

Any internet service can have unforeseen problems. For example, a problem with the server. This does not happen often, but it is important to know that in this case you will not lose any data. We promptly switch everyone to an available backup server. The work of the main server will be restored, and you can continue to work.


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